Commissions The artist said “I don't do beds”, but I will do hangings up to 81 square feet (108x108) and also will tackle 3-D type work such as quilted screens, bed headboards, room dividers and centerpieces(fabric sculpture). Urban Jungle-An Elephant never forgets

I find commission work very satisfying. I get to work with a variety of clients each with different needs. Each commission is a new opportunity to stretch myself as a fiber artist and help people learn what “Functional Art” is all about.

I think of Art Quilts as “Functional Art”, meaning that the art is designed or adapted to a particular use. The definition of “Fine Art” states: Art produced or intended primarily for beauty rather than utility. My personal opinion is that when art is designed or adapted to fit a space the beauty that is created is due to how the piece fits in it's surroundings.

I look forward to each commission and the opportunities it presents. To help with that opportunity, there is an Art Quilt Worksheet on the third page of my Art Quilt Standard Contract(click here to download). The information gained from this worksheet will help to focus our collaborative creation.

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New in 2006 — Making Wearable Art is exciting! I use to sew all my own clothes but hadn't made anything in years. In 2003 I took a class through my guild, How to Make a Quilted Jacket Out of a Sweatshirt. That class opened up to a whole new area in my art quilting repertoire. 

Party from NY to Paris-ensembleQuilted clothing has been around for awhile, but making it practical to wear and yet interesting is the challenge. I always enjoyed putting garments together, but I never liked cutting them out. With Wearable Art you are not just cutting out the pattern pieces, you are creating them! The custom Jacket/vest process is similar to the custom art quilt process in that the style, fit, fabric and batting will all affect how the garment will look.

In the PDF of the Custom Wearable contract Contract(click here to download), the third page has a Wearable Art worksheet which when filled out will give the basic parameters by which the garment will be created.

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Custom Quilt Pricing

Prices for Functional Art From 1 Sq. ft (12x12) to 81 Sq. ft (108x108)
Easy design $35 per Square Foot
Moderate $55 per Square Foot
Complex $75 per Square Foot

Traditional piecing or Tops Only From 1 Sq. ft (12x12) to 25 Sq. ft (60x60)
Easy piecing $15 per Square Foot
Moderate piecing $25 per Square Foot
Complex piecing $35 per Square Foot

Wearable Art Depending on size and construction
Vests $75 to $475
Jackets $125 to $725

The contract will have information as to the exact design, size, cost and payment schedule. Dates are given for viewing the project at the half waypoint and the final completion date and payment terms. Click to see the my Standard Wearable Contract and Addendum(PDF format).